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What do we do?

Building And Discover Your Apps Strategy

Every great product begins with a great strategy and clear goals. We starts each project with strategy development, we don’t just take your requirements and build you a solution. We work with your team to develop a strategy in order to identify key metrics of success and ensure your mobile app and/or website will hit those performance goals and deliver a solid ROI.

Design Apps That Inspire Millions Of People

Start doing the right mobile math. Engaged users = the right ROI. A successful user experience will drive engagement, improve retention and increase revenue. When it comes to mobile design, we're the best. Entice and retain your users by investing in great mobile app design from the start. Design that’s intuitive, easy to use, fun - even addictive. Social Sky creates mobile applications that are hands-down delightful user experiences. We don't stop until we reach amazing. Then we develop your killer mobile solution on any platform, for any device.

Develop Apps That Solve Business Issues

A business not going mobile is going nowhere. Every enterprise has clients that it likes reach via mobile. According to IDC, nearly 1/3 of all enterprise mobile app projects fail. Why? Companies can't find skilled app developers and mobile designers. And they don't keep up with the pace of releases. But you know better - that's why you're here. Whether you're embarking on a new business solution, or trying to revive a failing enterprise mobility project - we can help. From back-end-as-a-service to secure cross-platform development to testing and company-process adoption, we can bring your mobile enterprise innovation to life. Let's solve business issues, improve old-school systems, open up new opportunities and make YOU look good.

Some examples of our tech stack.


Here are couple of our top latest work.

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